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www.instagram.com/p/Cp2upx8IplC/ *The team of the Mathematics Day Istanbul (!!) asked me to give an interview about my graphic work on geometrydaily.com* tomorrow. It’s streaming live, so tune in on 11.00 CET: youtube.com/MatematikTurkiye. *I don’t know if there will be a recording afterwards. Unfortunately the rest of the online event is in Turkish.

Dan Klammer did a lot of research, which fonts are common on all the modern operation systems, and came up with modernfontstacks.com*. Incredibly useful resource for web design. The little info icons lead to explanations and visualisations of each typeface class. This is even more interesting, although it also reveals that the available fonts on the individual OSs are much more different than one would hope.

Patrick Heng (patrickheng.com*) created a very beautiful website for Jantana Hennard: jant.fr* The swirls and bends of the backgrounds and the divider lines are a lot of fun, without getting in your way. But even in static screenshots the layout and the typography is quietly wonderful.


Designer, teacher, researcher, in that order. Hi!