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Interview about “Geometry Daily” on the Day of Mathematics Istanbul

It was pleasure to talk to Sarper Yurtseven at the Day of Mathematics Istanbul this morning! We talked about my Geometry Daily graphics, my process, inspirations and – or course – geometry. The 45 minutes were recorded and are available on YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHp5UOlms-4
Sarper tried to recreate one of my graphics with generative AI. The results are super interesting and surprisingly three-dimensional: youtu.be/MHp5UOlms-4?list=PL7DHNy6n7rOjTTkRtrxbOL7OAVRk4_59O&t=2971*

www.instagram.com/p/Cp2upx8IplC/ *The team of the Mathematics Day Istanbul (!!) asked me to give an interview about my graphic work on geometrydaily.com* tomorrow. It’s streaming live, so tune in on 11.00 CET: youtube.com/MatematikTurkiye. *I don’t know if there will be a recording afterwards. Unfortunately the rest of the online event is in Turkish.

It’s verified that Meta has plans on building a social network based on ActivityPub. Here is an overview of what smart people say about this: fediversereport.com/meta-plans-on-joining-the-fediverse-the-responses/ *Very interesting read. I guess „ActivityPub“ climbs to be the buzz word of 2023.


What you are looking at is my personal website, which I keep going since 1999, over many iterations. It was portfolio, then a blog, then a one pager, but always my personal playground on the web. And just this moment I flipped another switch! Now it is driven by a new social microblogging engine Max and I are working on right now. That software is so new, it does not have a proper name yet. Let’s see where this is going …

Twitter is closing its APIs on Feb 9

Folks, this is a good time to download your data from Twitter: twitter.com/settings/download_your_data *I just requested my ZIP. It feels like I will download the last 16 years of my life.
Also, these are the last days you can use services like twitodon.com* or www.movetodon.org* to find your twitter friends on Mastodon.


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